RadFor Information System

An information system is a synthesis of a geographic information system (hereinafter – GIS), a database management system (hereinafter – DBMS) and a decision support system (hereinafter – DSS).

All information on the radioactive contamination of the lands of the forest fund is in the database (hereinafter referred to as the DB) “Radiation Situation”. To develop the database structure, a relational data model is used as the most effective for storing and processing information in various research areas.

To work with this database, specialized software was used, which is a means of interaction (interface) between the database and the user and performs all the functions of the database management system

The RadFor Forest Pollution Information System RadFor is designed to automate and improve the management of forestry activities under conditions of radioactive contamination of territories. Using the system allows to solve the following tasks at a new level:

· Pursue a unified state policy in the field of ensuring radiation-safe and efficient forestry;

· Apply modern methods and means of collecting and analyzing information, making decisions taking into account administrative, economic and legal levers of management;

· Organize the interaction of geographically remote suppliers and consumers of information

· Systematize the initial operational and quasi-permanent information on the state of the forest fund and bring it to a single cartographic basis;

· Perform initial data analysis to prepare decision making;

provide information obtained as a result of data analysis to interested ministries and departments, as well as organizations and business entities subordinate to them.