The year 2018-2020 has been declared the Year of the Small Homeland in Belarus.

The head of state explained that reflections on the importance of a small homeland in the fate of each person inspired them to make such an important decision. “It has many faces. For some it’s a hometown, a street in the city or a small courtyard, a village where the best childhood passed, for others it’s a piece of wildlife that delighted the eye and gave a feeling of fullness and peace. And for those who have left to seek happiness to other countries, Belarus has become a small homeland, “said Alexander Lukashenko. The President emphasized that it was time for everyone not only to remember their roots, the place where a piece of the soul remained, but also to pay a debt to this piece of land. “I really want help to come from the heart, become my own initiative. It can be material, creative, enlightening, creative – who can and how much can. It depends on each person’s capabilities, imagination and desire. The time has come to prove yourself and enter your name into the history of this small homeland, this patch of our land, “the Belarusian leader said. Alexander Lukashenko stated that Belarus is a beautiful and well-maintained country with clean, cozy cities, well-groomed farmland, rich nature. “The state has done a lot in this direction and will not stop there. But there is no limit to perfection, and there is always where to use our own forces. Belarus is our common home and it is in our interests to make it cozy and exemplary,” he said. “Let’s show “that we are true and zealous owners of our land. There are many of us, and therefore even the most modest contribution of everyone will play a role, make the country even more beautiful.” According to the head of state, each person’s personal participation in this process will be an example of true patriotism for new generations, when beautiful slogans and words are supported by concrete deeds and actions. “And this is not the task of one year. Perhaps several years. And it would be better if it becomes the norm of life. Our native land needs the energy of love of every resident, his faith in his country and care for it. Belarus is the way we see it, such how we create it. And most importantly – what we, such and she, our Belarus are. The more successful people who are confident in themselves and their country, the stronger the state is. And we need to convey this understanding to our children as a gene, ” believes Alexander Lukashenko. This is impossible without raising pride in your country, city, village, family. In order to instill these feelings, we must ourselves be responsible for words, deeds, actions, for loved ones. “We must show our children that no matter how their life in the future develops, they have a home, a small homeland where they will always find solace and feel invisible support from this land. I don’t need to tell you what a small homeland is , especially, what is a village in which maybe three or five houses have already remained – once a large village turned into a very small corner, as we used to say, in a small farm. And I do not need to convince you that with pulling for years to where you took your first steps. As long as we have time and opportunities, let’s save these small farms, “the President urged. The head of state drew attention: those who have the opportunity to rebuild and revive these villages, let them call them by their name. “But we will keep it. And if you look at the essence of the topic of the year, it will become clear that this is not a country, but we ourselves need to do something good and useful for our native land. It is important for us to feel ourselves necessary , generous. To ennoble the soul with beautiful, disinterested deeds. Recognize yourself as the owners of your own life, self-sufficient people who not only sincerely rejoice at the successes of their country, but also feel personal involvement in them, “summed up Alexander Lukashenko.