The structure of the radiation monitoring service

In 2019, the control of radioactive contamination of the forest fund, forest products on the territory of 44 leshozes was carried out by specialists of 36 structural divisions of the radiation monitoring service of the industry, accredited and certified in accordance with the established requirements for ensuring the quality of radiation monitoring.

The total number of employees of the radiation control service as of 01.01.2020 is 79 people, with a staff of 83 people.

Information on the accreditation of PRK (01/01/2020)

When conducting activities, the radiation control units (RPC) were guided by the requirements of the Radioactive Contamination Control Rules in the system of the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Belarus, and the Radiation Control Schemes in leshozes.
In 2019, the Bellesozashchita Institution provided methodological assistance to the leskhoz on the application of the requirements of the technical codes of established practice for radiation monitoring and radiation survey of cutting areas.