List of works and services

list of works and services handling by State Institution of radiation control and radiation safety "Bellesozaschita" and structural units of radiation service of Ministry of Forestry
Institution "Bellesozaschita" and structural units of radiation service of Ministry of Forestry have a license to carry out radioactive contamination control, accredited according to international requirements of ISO 9000.
- Radiation survey of forest lands
- Radiation survey of felling sites
- Radiation control of wood and wood products, wood fuel (logging waste, lumber waste), food forest products, agricultural raw materials and feed, herbal remedy, timberwood
- Radiation control at sites and working places
- Control of individual doses of forestry workers, flow density of beta-particles on the object surface
- Development of Regulatory documents (rules and regulations, technical code of common practice, methodology, procedure of radiation control)
- Development of information materials about the radiation situation in forests: schematic maps of radioactive contamination of the forest fund for forest district and forestry enterprise (leskhoz), recommendations like as leaflets, posters, brochures
- Radiation monitoring in forests
- Results of radiation survey provide as official documents: statements of radiation control results, radiation survey acts, test protocols.
Provide assistance in execution of passports and stamps of the radiation safety of realized production.
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